Alabama painting educator Chris Cruz
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My Story

My love of painting started over 30 years ago. I was at first a stay-at-home Mom when I signed up for my first painting class when I was looking for something creative and fun to do. I was introduced to the power of the paint brush and was hooked from then on.

My love of painting was bigger than any other activity I had ever tried.  I loved painting landscapes, animals and flowers. It was not long before I realized I had a gift to teach and people started asking me to teach them how to paint. Classes soon followed and I never looked back.

I started selling right away and orders started coming in.  Collectors of my work say they buy them because they bring a smile to their face.

As one to never stay still or be totally satisfied with my art, I keep playing with paints and mediums to create new works.  I call myself an Experimental Artist because I will push my paint and mediums to create unique works.


Faith brought me to Alabama 1 ½ years ago to be near family.  I love the beauty of this state and the warmth of the people. Not having to work full-time and being able to dedicate my heart and soul to painting was a gift from God.  Soon after moving, I was chosen to be an Art Educator for Marabu paints -- an honor I truly treasure. I then branched out to become an Artist Educator for Golden paints, chosen along with just 19 other talented artists nationwide.  We spent a week of intense training in New Orleans and became friends for life. (I pinch myself to believe I had not been dreaming this!)

My purpose is to introduce as many people as I can to the therapeutic powers of painting.  I love working at corporate events, organizing fundraisers with other creatives, and spreading the painting “bug” to anyone who wants to give it a try.  I love to see how women get empowered and become their most creative selves.

I am a proud member of the Mountain Brook Art Association, Shelby County Arts Council, Central Alabama Arts Association, Irondale Arts Council and Middle Tennessee Decorative Artists Group.

You can find me teaching at Alabama Art Supply, Shelby County Arts Council, and Falcon Art Supply.  When not in Alabama, I travel to teach in Florida, Tennessee and any other place where people want to discover the freedom of creativity.

You see Chris’s talent along with the caring she puts into each of her works of art. Chris cares about her art and her client. Her ideas are new, fresh, and always welcomed by me. I am not easy to please. Chris will not disappoint you.
— Barbara B., Collector, Florida
I purchased a Little Work of Art that depicts a seascape with the ocean and sand dunes. Its beauty makes me feel like I’m beside the ocean!
— Karen H., Private Collector, Fort Lauderdale, Florida